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Spain incredibly bulk for wines...!


Spain's unique geography and situation are responsible for the wide range of climates available throughout the country which give rise to a large number of different grape varieties which can be cultivated there. Vineyards stretch from the green, rolling hills of the north to the arid expanses of the south, and all the differences between them, from weather to the richness of the soil and the water, are what makes Spanish wines so special and unique. The influence of the Cantabric Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea play a very important role in the ripening of the fruit, and even the breezes blowing from them contribute to the differences between Spanish wines.

It's a pleasure for all the senses: taste and smell are delighted by the delicate flavors and aromas of the wine, while the idyllic landscape of the vineyards are a feast for the eyes.

Nearly 3 million acres in Spain are used to plant grapes for the production of Spanish wine. This makes it the country with the largest surface percentage dedicated to wine cultivation, even though it's only the third world producer (after France and Italy). Spanish wines are a big part of the total production in Spain, generating around 5000 million euros per year.

Spanish wine is highly valued among international wine connoisseurs for its almost infinite variations and excellent quality. For a long time, Spanish wine has been shadowed by the more popular French and Italian wines, but in the last years there has been a definite growth in the exportation of this drink, especially to the US, the UK, Germany and very recently to Asia.


Making wineOverview

BODEGA BACARIN is a Dutch Spanish trading company producing and exporting premium bulk wine, private bottling for food manufactures, brand owners, wineries, importers, and exporters.

Bodega Bacarin has a large experience in premium outsourcing of Spanish bulk wine. Our unique production platforms and winemaking approach enable us to produce a full range of varietals and wine styles and we provide a broad array of contract production services to meet our customers need.

Bodega Bacarin can furnish many varieties of Spanish bulk wine blended to our customers’ specifications.   Some of our most popular products are: Cabernet Sauvigon, Syrah, Merlot, Port, Madeira, Tempranillo, Verdejo etc.


wine expert in labQuality

Our company provides Quality Spanish bulk wine from the finest grapes. Consistency between lots is achieved by the best wine makers in the business using technologically advanced tools and wine making practices. Whether you are looking for a bulk wine product for your prepared food or a blending wine for your own label we are here to offer our quality products, experience, and competitive pricing.

With a fully equipped laboratory and an experienced winemaker onsite, we make, cellar, test and release fine wine from fruit grown in Spain’s wine regions.
Here is a list of the different analyses performed by our lab:

  • Free SO2
  • Total SO2
  • Titratable Acidity
  • pH
  • Volatile Acidity
  • Residual Sugar
  • Malic Acid
  • Alcohol
  • Specific Gravity
  • Total Extract
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
  • Heat Stability
  • Cold Stability
  • Filterability
  • % Solids
  • Color
  • Bottle Sterility
  • Microbial Identification



Our facilities

Our winery and wine plant is located in the picturesque and world renowned wine region of La Mancha, half way between the historical township of Valencia and Cuenca.

We offer a complete range of contract bottling and packaging services, including: 3000ph bottling line, storage of bulk wine; laboratory services; labelling; coding; packaging; warehousing and distribution.


  • Fully equipped Conference Room
  • Secure insulated warehouse
  • Insulated Wine Tank Storage
  • Tank sizes from 2,500 litres to 140,000 litres
  • On site laboratory, winemaker and cellar staff
  • Loading and unloading area
  • Semi Trailer access


Wine Exports

Our years of experience and know-how makes us a trusted leader in the field of exporting containers of bulk wine and bottles to international markets.

Our process is streamlined and thorough facilitating all the export documentation and logistics.

  • Container packaging, loading in conjunction with your freight-forwarder for wine export
  • Facilitate all Export documentation and coordination from door to door.



Flexi-Tanks are used for export purposes in an ocean shipping container. The capacity is 24,000L or 6,340 gallons. A freight company provides the delivery of the bladder and container to the winery.